Monday, July 27, 2009

Travelling and Laziness (Very easy Pasta sauce)

Welcome to my blog! In the future this blog will hopefully be linked to a much larger recipe website as a side note but since I have no idea when that will happen, in the meantime I'm using this blog to post some recipes and share a bit about myself. :)

So I was previously an Administrative Assistant now turned stay at home cat mom until the birth of our first child, due in December!

It all started when my husband got a new job out of town and we had to move. My husband is a webdesigner, this is why I have no idea when my website will be done. lol he just doesn't have a lot of time. Anyway, we moved to a new city and I realized apparently that I was pregnant only after I became sooo sick that I thought I might die. Hence why I'm home. Feeling MUCH better now and figured I'd start a blog with some of my favourite recipes. I'm Celiac so everything here will be gluten free but this doesn't mean it lacks taste and isn't acceptable or edible for other people! So I hope you will all enjoy!

Anyway, didn't get much cooking done this weekend because we went to visit some friends of ours out of town and had a good visit. :) They have a son who is around 2 and he kept saying "baby" and using all his energy in jumping on me. My stomach wasn't particularly crazy about the idea but he was excited which was cute.

We got home late last night and, being pregnant, I of course was super hungry so we used up some leftover home made pasta sauce and cooked up some Tinkyada pasta spirals. It was really good! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture but it's very yummy and easy which is good for those of us who are feeding 2 people for the price of one since some people are super demanding on how quickly they get fed. :)

Basically the recipe for the pasta sauce looked like this:
1 - Jar of original Ragu or other spaghetti sauce
3 - Diced medium sized tomatoes
1 - Chopped Green Pepper

You can add more vegetables if you like I just added what was on hand. Basically I fried up the veggies in some olive oil just until the green peppers were a bit brown (basically so they're not so crunchy) and then I mixed in the spaghetti sauce and cooked until it was boiling. Started out at low (about a 4) for about 5 to 10 minutes to cook the peppers and such and then cooked the sauce at probably a high. Stirring occasionally. Be aware it does splatter everywhere. :)

Tonight I have to find a way to use up some left over Quinoa. This should be a bit more challenging since I don't have very much experience with it. I decided to try it based on the idea that it provides a huge amount of nutrition! :)

Anyway, wish me luck. . .

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